Go Another Documentary Film

In 2006, my older brother Phil C. Nolan ran for the position of Islip Town Supervisor, which is akin to being Mayor. It would be his third try.

Beginning with my father, Phil J. Nolan, the Nolan family had waged many political campaigns in Islip N.Y., and as Democrats in a heavily Republican area, we were defeated more often than not.

As we geared up for the race, I feared that it might be the last time my father would campaign with us and decided to document my brother’s somewhat quixotic pursuit. It resulted in my movie: Go Another.

Unfortunately, the feeling I had turned out to be prescient, and Philip J. died shortly after his son was sworn in. As the race recedes further into the past, I see this movie as a pretty good object lesson in the benefits of never giving up. At the same time, the movie is a tribute to my father—and mother—who built a family that stuck together and won a few—quite a few—along the way.



2 thoughts on “Go Another Documentary Film

  1. Joanne Tanis Barnett

    Love this journey! You sis a great job portraying what it was like to grow up in Islip ! All the background and history you lived, all I knew was your family was so very nice abs as a young child seeing the Nolan name on local streets. I knew you were important! But too young to fully understand the inside story! Was wonderful to watch this, also to see your mom abs brothers and sisters ! Phenomenal!! Thanks Joe for sharing this and doing what you do so eloquently, telling a story that feel every beat as if you were there! Thanks for filling in the blanks! Love abs warm wishes always to you abs your loved ones! Xoxo

    1. Joe Nolan Post author

      It’s very nice to hear from you and I’m glad you enjoyed the movie. Thanks for your compliments. As Jimmy’s good friend for many years, I often think of him and the Barnett family. I spent a fair amount of time at your house and got to know your parents quite well and liked both of them. I remember you as a baby. Sometimes I’ll see a post of yours that includes your daughter and I’ll think to myself: Well, there’s a Barnett. Wishing all the best for you and your family, and thanks again for your kind thoughts.


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