img_0035_rev_webMy name is Joe Nolan and I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY. My family and I moved to what we called The Country when all us kids were still in grammar school. We landed in Islip, NY, which is on Long Island, and moved into a house that was part of one of the hundreds of housing developments that were being built at that time — right around 1960. After graduating from high school, I went to college at Stout State University, which is in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Going to college was great fun. My degree was in Industrial Technology, and I’ve been making my living representing various manufacturing companies ever since.

In my spare time, I write, do photography and documentaries. I’ve produced three  documentaries, one about my family’s involvement in Islip politics, another about my experiences as an attendee of the Woodstock Music and Art Fair, which is called: The More Things Change — A Woodstock Memoir, and just recently an account of my bout with Prostate Cancer, which is called — appropriately enough: My Prostate Cancer.. I have  written a novel (The Wellspring Immortal) that lays out a unique basis for legends of immortality, and am at work on a second installment which will bring the story into current times.

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