img_0035_rev_webMy name is Joe Nolan and I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY. When I was five, my family and I moved to what we called The Country. We landed in Islip, NY, which is on Long Island, and moved into a house that was part of one of the hundreds of housing developments that were being built at that time — right around 1960. After graduating from high school, I went to college in Wisconsin, which was wonderful. My degree was in Industrial Technology, and I made my living representing various manufacturing companies until I retired a few years ago.

I’ve got a lot more spare time than I used to, which I spend writing and making documentaries. I’ve posted my most recent movie right here on the blog, which is about the Governor of New Jersey’s controversial cancellation of a huge Public Works. Project. Other of my movies include:

  • The Tuneful Trolley, which is about a Bubblegum Band from Long Island that nearly made it big in the music business. Proud that this movie was accepted into the 2021 Garden State Film Festival
  • Go Another, which is about my family’s involvement in Islip Town politics
  • The More Things Change — A Woodstock Memoir, which is about my experiences as an attendee of the Woodstock Music and Art Fair
  • My Prostate Cancer, which is about my personal experience with prostate cancer

I have  written a novel (The Wellspring Immortal) that lays out a unique basis for legends of immortality, and am at work on a second installment which will bring the story into current times.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Patricia HillSoshnick

    Hello Joseph
    I live on LI and was reading about your documentary called ‘The Tuneful Trolley’.
    As I’m not from here…I’m from England… I didn’t actually know of this group but found the Newsday article very informative and enjoyable.
    Joseph I have a question;
    Can I respectfully enquirer about the voice-over talent that you use in your documentary.. I ask this because I’m very keen to do this kind of work.. I have a decent sound (British accent)and I’m a good reader with good diction.
    I would appreciate a reply with your thoughts.
    Thank you in advance.
    All the Best
    Tricha Hill-soshnick

    1. Joe Nolan Post author

      Well, at my budget levels, I do my own voice over for my documentaries. I’ve been surprised by how many favorable comments I’ve gotten about my voice, which is a little ironic because as a younger person I had a very noticeable lisp and still have some slurring around my “s’s.” I do all my own editing, so I’m able to remove any hiccups, delays, hesitations, etc., which makes me sound okay. I know that there is a demand for people with the right sounding kind of voice, but I’ve never really pursued it so I have little to offer in the way of advice. Good luck and I hope you connect with someone who can utilize your talents.


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